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Signal Alert reports

Signal Alert is an occasional publication of the Aid Worker Security Database to inform the humanitarian sector of a statistically significant trend, change, or outlier detected in the security environment for aid operations.

Major surge in aid worker fatalities in Israel and Gaza

Since October 7, 2023, the AWSD has recorded 39 aid worker fatalities, 18 wounded, and 1 kidnapping in the Gaza Strip and Israel, affecting personnel of the UN, Palestinian Red Crescent, NNGOs and INGO supported hospitals. The October 7 attack on Israel by Hamas and Israel’s subsequent bombing campaign of Gaza have caused the death of 39 aid workers among thousands of other civilians. In all, 57 aid worker victims were reported as of October 23 including 4 killed by gunfire, 1 kidnapped, 35 killed in airstrikes, and an additional 18 injured in those strikes.

Rise in humanitarian needs and aid worker abductions in Mali

Abductions of aid workers in Mali has increased significantly over the last 6 years. Abduction incidents have been reported in 6 out of 10 regions in Mali during the period, with 57% of incidents occurring in the region of Mopti, an epicenter of civil violence.

Violence in NW Syria’s Al Hol Camp reducing humanitarian coverage

Violent attacks on aid workers in the Al Hol refugee camp have increased significantly since 2020, accounting for 72% of all attacks in camp settings globally so far this year (AWSD). Life-saving humanitarian services have been dramatically curtailed as a result.

عنف في مخيم الهول شمال غرب سوريا يسبب تضييق نطاق التغطية الإنسانية

ازدادت الهجمات العنيفة على عاملي الإغاثة في مخيم الهول للاجئين بشكل ملحوظ منذ عام 2020، وتمثل 72% من جميع الهجمات في المخيمات على مستوى العالم حتى الآن هذا العام (وفقاً لقاعدة بيانات أمن عاملي الإغاثة (AWSD)). وانخفضت نتيجة لذلك الخدمات الإنسانية المنقذة للحياة بشكل كبير.

Politically motived attacks rising in Myanmar

An increase in violence against aid workers in 2021 reflects the continuing instability following the February coup, with the direct targeting of aid workers and violent detentions significantly altering the risk environment for aid operations.

Shifting security conditions in Afghanistan

After a relative dip in 2020, the number of aid workers affected by major violence in Afghanistan spiked in June 2021, when US troop withdrawals met with a major military push by the Taliban to seize control of the country.

Spike in IED attacks in northwest Syria

A sharp increase in vehicle-borne IED attacks in the latter months of 2020 has altered the threat environment for aid workers in northwest Syria. Overall, IED attacks have caused over 1,000 civilian casualties in 2020, among them 10 aid workers.